About me

Dr Emytis Tavakoli MD.

 A registered psychiatrist in Iran. I have a solid research background, work experience and a teaching portfolio. I am interested in developing a career which combines research and clinical practice, while maintaining my profession in helping people worldwide.


MBA, Mahan Business School, (2018-present)

Non Accredited Fellowship in Memory and Dementia, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran. (2017-2018)

Board Certificate, Iranian Board of Psychiatry (2014)

Postdoctoral Training, Resident of psychiatry, University of Social welfare and rehabilitation sciences (2010-2014)

Extra credits in psychology, Department of Psychology, Payam-E-Noor University, Tehran, Iran (2009)

MD, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Department of Medicine, Tehran, Iran (2009)

English Language Competency                

IELTS Score, total: 8, each skill: greater or equal to 7, (2017)

Employment Experience                          

Psychiatrist, Shariati Hospital, Alborz (2014-Present)

License-owner, Addiction and Mental Health Clinic, Alborz (2016-Present)

Clinical Director, Iranian National Centre for Addiction Studies (INCAS), a WHO collaborative center, Tehran(2015-2017)

 Psychiatrist, Delaram Neurofeedback Clinic, Tehran (2014-2016)

Psychiatrist, Kish Hospital, Kish (2014-2015)

 Psychiatrist, Meymanat Hospital, Tehran (2013-2014)

Teaching/supervising Experience

Instructor and Lecturer,Director of Alcohol Clinic, Iranian National Centre for Addiction Studies (INCAS), Tehran (2015-2017)

Instructor and Supervisor, International Harm Reduction Workshops by MENAHRA and WHO (NSP,MMT), Tehran (2014-2016)

Guest Lecturer; Harm Reduction Approaches in Educational Setting, Qazvin International Pardis (2015)

Additional Studies and Trainings

Clinical Observer-ship, Neurology Department, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan USA (2016-2017)

Clinical Observer-ship, Cultural Psychiatry and First Episode Psychosis, McGill University, Montreal, Canada (2016)

Clinical Observer-ship, Dr Nasir Ghaemi Mood Disorder Clinic, TUFTS University, USA (2011)

Implementing Neurofeedback and QEEG in clinical setting course, Farmed Institute, Tehran (2015)

Randomized Clinical Trial, an advanced course, Iranian Clinical Trial Centre (2015)

Methodology of RCT in the Context of Drug Prevention, UNICEF, Tehran, (2015)

Long Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy course and supervision, TUMS (2010-2016)

Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Advanced Course, Segal Institute, Tehran (2012-2013)

Schools of Family Therapy,Dr Bina Institute, Tehran (2011)


  • Afghah S, Aghahasani M, Noori-Khajavi M, Tavakoli E, Survey of Suicide Attempt in Sary, Iranian Journal of Psychiatry,2014,9(2):89-95.
  • Tavakoli E, Rezaei O, Fadai F, A Comparison on Composition of Celery, Dill, and Green Tea as Three Medical Plants With Placebo To Treat Schizophrenic Patients’ Metabolic Syndrome, Afinidad,2014,80(573):1118-1123.
  • Guideline of Clinical Interview based on DSM IV, translator, (2014)
  • Kaplan and Sadock’s handbook of clinical psychiatry, 5th ed, translator, (2011)

Conferences and Presentations

  • Interpersonal Risk Factors of Suicide In Adolescent, 2nd International Suicide Conference, Tehran Iran, (Sep 2018)
  • Retention and Drug use among treatment-resistant patients transferred to a “second chance” methadone maintenance treatment (MMT), CPDD, Montreal, Canada, (2017)
  • Functional photo-acoustic tomography for neonatal brain imaging: developments and challenges, SPIE BiOS, (Mar 2017)
  • The Effect of Harm Reduction Programs on HIV Prevalence in Iran, Iranian National Addiction Congress, (2016)
  • An experience on an Alcohol Treatment clinic in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iranian National Addiction Congress (2016)

Honors and Prizes

ISAMA award for young researchers in the field of addiction,12th International Addiction Science Congress, Iran (2017)

Exceptional Talent Medical Student, Exceptional Talent Development Center, Ministry of Health (2008)

Second Award (Silver Tehran, Iran Medal Laureate), 9th National Chemistry Olympiad (1999)


Board Member, Iranian Psychotherapy Association, (2017- present)

Member in Training, College of Problematic Drug Dependence (CPDD), USA (2017-present)

Member, Middle East & North Africa Harm Reduction Association (MENAHRA), Lebanon (2014-present)

Board Member, Iranian Psychiatric Association, Neuropsychiatry branch, (2014-Present)

Member, Islamic Republic of Iran Medical Council, (2010-present)

Member, Iranian National Foundation of Elites, (2010-present)